I keep on learning, I keep on grinding, I keep on coding. I keep on growing.

Started from the bottom now we are… Here. 😄 I had the opportunity to assist in the development of the future app structures and develop crucial functinnalities for these apps (Mostly developed using C#).

With whom did I learn ?

Directly working with the team manager to get instructions for the next app to build and think about the adequate technologie(s) for this app. I managed and leaded at team of 5 devs according to the manager’s and Architect’s instructions

What did I learn ?

Nothing was really new for me on the coding and development aspect. I instead had to deepen and sharpen my skills. My skills in Angular, ASP .NET / ASP .NET core, Windows Forms / Windows Services and a little bit of team management.

But I had to go back to school and return to the basics of binary 😆. This was a really tuff mathematical experience. Implementing the international standard ISO 8583.

On what project did I work ?

An Interbanking application service had to be develop for external developers of our core banking client to access our bank client’s info.

I developed the framework permitting the packing and unpackaging of the binary message respecting the ISO 8583 standard, strictly following SOLID principles and clean code rules for easy maintenance.

I also implemented a socket communication library which was the communication layer between the external world and the service. This library can be found on my github.


Milestone reached!

This was the end of my first adventure in a real enterprise world. Our baby Alpha was almost matured. No more great challenges to overcome. Thus went to other horizons! 🤤