Which dev has never dream to work completely remotely from his home, managing his time by himself and coding while dressed in pijama ? I had to experience this. I had to experience remote jobs!

With whom did I learn ?

So I went for BAO. A local IT company developing tailor made softwares. I work with a team of 2 backend remote devs and 2 front end remote devs. I was a frontend dev.

What did I learn ?

This was a rude experience with a more pronounced agile development style. Being used to discussed directly with co-wokers and having their point of vue live, adapting my self to the JIRA stuffs was a nightmare. 😖 But I overcame this challenge! 🤩

The CI/CD process was very interesting, advanced and simplified with Jenkins. Working with this was pretty easy.

On what project did I work ?

I principally work on Suku, a school management system, which handles all the school worflow from student to parents through administration staff.

Suku was developed in VueJs (Javascript) and implemented a Microservice architecture in backend with J2EE.