An algorithm can be defined a set of sequenced instructions that describe the steps to follow to perform a process.

We all write algorithms in our day to day life, from the first day we started to lean how to think, although we only write them in our minds. An algorithm, as difined earlier, is a sequenced set of instructions that you could describe on how to put on a lamp or the path ro follow to go to the bathroom.

An algorithm is an expression of the mind’s solution to a need, in a language understood by man.

The need to undergo a process, the need to achieve achieve an objective, once the need arises, our minds start to draw a pattern to find the solution. It is at this moment that an algorithm is born.

No I never wrote an algorithm in my life!

Do you know the most addictive behavior of the human nature ? Something you can’t stop doing whatever circumstances you are in ? Thinking. Ok, so if you’ve never written an algorithm in your life, then you’ve never thought in your life too. One of the aims of this magnificient brain of ours is to think and find ways to change the state of a situation. Even when you’re not thinking about changing the satate of a situation, your mind is always vagabonding and imagining stuffs where you are doing this or doing that.

When you are actually trying to find ways, you are describing a process to achieve your goal, thinking through a series of steps to achieve your goal, you are writing an algorithm ion your mind.

When you imagine your self doing stuffs, the mere act of doing is in fact, the implementation of a series of actions following steps, you are writing an algorithm ion your mind.

What’s the point?

The point I’m trying to make here is that, writing an algotihm is not that hard. It’s not some extraodinary skill that requires you to understand math to a complex level or be an engineer of whatever scientifique field. In fact is not even a skill you need to learn, you already know how to do it! You’ve been doing this your whole life!

Any one can think, thus anyone can write an algorithm